Release Blitz – More Than a Threat by Kennedy L. Mitchell

More Than a Threat

by Kennedy L. Mitchell
Publication Date: March 10, 2017
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romantic Suspense

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In the face of danger, the thin line between love and hate is blurred and rules are broken. But
are these two prepared to face the consequences?
Dr. Kate Wheeler is an independent, feisty emergency medicine doctor with a perfect life, or at
least that’s what everyone sees from the outside. Her world is turned upside down when she is
forced to allow twenty-four-seven protection, disrupting her independent lifestyle leaving Kate
to adjust, or not. She finds herself in uncharted territory as she balances a new love interest at
work, never being alone and dodging multiple attempts on her life. If it weren’t for her two best
friends by her side the stress would be too much, even for her to handle.
Her newly assigned security detail, Casey Weston, is harsh, dismissive, and overbearing. His
sexy, strong body and bad boy tattoos are just the exterior to this thoughtful man who has
secrets of his own. As he works to keep Kate at arm’s length he finds himself equally frustrated
and fascinated by this woman who pushes his boundaries. Weston’s rules are intense and
focused solely on keeping her alive. But as time goes on will his better judgement falter?
Tempers and emotions flare when these two headstrong individuals go head to head, both
used to having their own way and unwilling…or too afraid…to give an inch.
With Kate’s life in the crosshairs and Weston determined to protect her, will their future be
happily ever after or torn apart by the same threat that brought them together?

About Kennedy L. Mitchell

I live in Dallas but I am not a Texan by birth, I am a transplant from Tennessee and married a
true Texan so I had to stay. We live in a older home in Dallas proper with our son and
goldendoodle (who is roughly the size of a pony).
Writing isn’t my day job, however it is my joy and favorite hobby. I enjoy sending my friends
new chapters nightly and hearing their reactions the next day. That is why I write, being
published is just a bonus really. My real job is the same every day, but at night I get to be
someone else and write about all these fun adventures and sexcapades:) When I’m writing you
can find me on the couch, earbuds in and a full glass of wine beside me. Music inspires my
stores, at the end of each book I list the playlist that helped me through writing the novel.
When I am not working or writing, I am reading. I go through about 3 books a week and I am
100% sure that I’m that annoying person at book-club that gets on to people when they are not
keeping up with the monthly readings or suggest the movie is as good as a book (Sometimes I
wish I could vote those people out of book-club like they do on Survivor. “The tribe has
My favorite authors that inspire my writing are: Colleen Hoover, Sarah J. Maas, Sandra Brown,
and Rainbow Rowell.

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