“Cover Reveal – Elapse by Lou-Ella Fields”

Title: Elapse

Series: The Expiration Duet #1

Author: Lou-Ella Fields

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: April 25, 2017


I thought our love was

infinite, unbreakable. 

After six years together,

butterflies would still take flight in my stomach every time he walked into a

room. With just one smile I was putty in his hands. He promised me forever with

every touch of his lips. Too late, I realized that I was being kept in an

illusion made of glass; only to have him smash it apart and disappear

before he could see it shatter around me in perfect ruins.

With a tiny life held in

the palm of my hands, I’m haunted by the man who abandoned us.

And then there was him.

Immersing himself within

the dust and debris as I was slowly opening my eyes to this new reality. He

says he wants forever, but how can I believe him when love lies and forevers

don’t truly exist.

Author Bio

Lou and Ella Fields have always been lovers of the written word, especially when it comes wrapped up in a neat little package of pages and labelled romance. You can usually find them running up their phone bills as they spend hours on the phone, plotting and planning various ways to break hearts before deciding how to deliver the perfect happily ever after.

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