by M.A. Foster
Publication Date: March 28, 2017
Genres: Coming of Age, Contemporary, Romance

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Who is Jaybird?

Jaybird was just a nickname my dad gave me when I was born.
But after he died, the name took on a life of its own.

Everyone wants to know me.
The media.
The fans.
But how can they know me when I don’t even know myself?

A year ago, Jayla King had the world at her fingertips.
A loving family.
Two amazing best friends.
A promising music career.
And the heart of the only boy she’s ever loved.

But then everything changed.

When the news hits the streets, that famous rock star and celebrity judge, Marcus King, has suddenly died, the spotlight shifts to his only daughter.

His Jaybird.

But is she ready to be in the spotlight?
Is that what she really wants?
What if the choice is no longer hers?

 🌟🌟🌟🌟 REVIEW by Leanne


10 straight hours (apart from toilet stops, food inputs and settling the kids in bed)


I’ll admit, for a fair section of this book I was thinking “urgh, I’m getting too old for all this teenage angst.” I was rolling my eyes, I was flicking the pages knowing that the jeousy from the exes would come, that the teenage girls would be bitching, that the inevitable break up was coming. I NEARLY gave up.

Then I cried. My heart broke a little bit. I was sad. I changed my mind about the book and devoured the remainder.

I found all the characters very confusing. I dont think I’ve ever read a book with so so many secondary characters. Friends, brothers, uncles, aunties, cousins, nieces, uncles that aren’t really uncles, grandparents, team mates, teachers….I really struggled to remember who was who. And the amount of cross crossing with story lines too. Each secondary character had their own little sub plot going on. I get it added to the stress and strain on Jay and the effects it had on her relationship with all these characters but wow. it’s a lot to take in.

Overall though, it’s a beautiful story of love and loss. Of childhood sweethearts, of fame and fortune. Of trust, respect and finding your own true path.

About M.A. Foster

M.A Foster was born and raised in Tampa, Florida and is currently suffering from empty nest syndrome in Land O’Lakes, Florida with her husband and her crazy dog, Rocky. When she’s not reading or writing, she’s searching for chocolate.

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