RELEASE BLITZ – Finding Victory by Emilia Finn

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Finding Victory by Emilia Finn

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Finding Victory is the second instalment in the Rollin’ On Series. 

Kit Reilly is injured, battered and a little broken
after a traumatic incident late last year. The men in her life do
everything they can to help her heal, but like the injury and escape
itself, this is something Kit needs to do on her

She doesn’t need a man to save her, even if he really, really wants to.

Bobby Kincaid finally got the girl, then he lost
her. He also lost his title. Can he get the belt back and help Kit get
herself back, all at the same time? Can he love her enough to let go and
let her save herself?

Hearts are broken, hearts are healed, fights are fought and lives change.

The whole Rollin crew star in this novel, plus a few extras that you will fall in love with at first sight.

Finding Victory is fast paced and heart wrenching; join Kit and Bobby as their story continues.

This book can be read as a stand alone, but I
really recommend you read the first, Finding Home, to get a full picture
and appreciation for the story. 

Book One: Finding Home 

Reilly just wants life to be a little less dramatic. When her dad dies
young and leaves her with a teenage dependent, she just wants to be able
to survive each day, and encourage her little brother to be a decent
human being.
Bobby Kincaid is a local gym owner and professional UFC fighter. He has
a big fight this year, and no time, or desire for distractions. 

Will he
win the title? Will he make room in his life for a few extras?


It’s a life or death race to the end. 

Will Kit be able to find home again, before it’s too late?

 This is a full length novel with no cliffhanger.


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Meet Emilia: 

I live on the east coast of Australia with my 2 small children, and my engineer husband.
I’ve been telling stories longer than I remember; my siblings complained of it often, but now, finally, I decided to write some of it down.

Finding Home is my debut novel, released early 2017, and will be followed up with Finding Victory in April 2017. I have 6 novels planned for this series, and I will be telling everyone’s story, right through to little brother Jack.

Personally, I also enjoy fighting, like my main girl Kit, as does my husband, and we’ve spent a good chunk of our time in the last 6 or so years training and competing.

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