BLOG TOUR WITH REVIEW – Corruption Of The Heart by Jessica Manson 

Corruption of the Heart
Jessica Manson
Publication date: January 3rd 2017
Genres: New Adult, Paranormal, Romance

Lilith Carson was a normal girl whose parents died suddenly. She moves to a different state with her aunt, and she cuts herself off from everyone. Until one day, when her crush appears beside her in the library. From there, they fall in love, fast and hard.

Lilith finds out that when she turns eighteen, she will transform into a Vampire-Witch hybrid. When a vampire conceives a female, that female already has a mate chosen for her. When Lilith was conceived, there was a mistake. Her world is turned upside down when she must choose between two guys she barely knows.

Lilith has chosen the guy of her dreams and has settled into a life that she thinks is perfect. But nothing is ever as it seems. She will soon face the ultimate betrayal by someone she loves deeply.

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         🌟🌟🌟🌟 REVIEW by Steph.

Corruption of the Heart is a paranormal romance unlike any other. Nevertheless, you need to know that is has a cliffhanger. Therefore, if you don’t like then, it may be best to wait for the sequel to be out. I do hope there is a sequel since there are some situations that were left unsolved and questions unanswered. 
This novel tells the story of Lilith an introvert orphan that is in no rush to make a place for herself in her new home. She was likable at times but there were moments where I couldn’t help but scold or shout at her for her impulsiveness and stupidity. I don’t think this is a bad trait at all. In fact, my literature teacher from high school told me this: A book is great only if it makes you feel something strongly, be it love, hate or even disgust. I do believe this book fulfills the love and hate parts. I hated with all my heart the betrayals that our heroine had to suffer because they broke something inside of me too. I loved her strength and even admired her impulsiveness, to some point. I do believe Lilith will catch your attention, just like she did with mine. 
On the other hand, there is the plot. I do wish I could give 5 stars to the book. Nevertheless, there were some cliches every now and then in the main plot. Don’t be disappointed, though. I didn’t lie when I said the author makes this book unique. There is even a love triangle. Personally, I love those. I know many dislike them. However, I think they allow you to see how strong are some bounds and the devotion a character has for the other. Also, I love seeing some cute jealous scenes every now and then. Then again, that is my opinion. I won’t go into specific plot details but I can tell you that Lilith is a paranormal creature unlike any other. Therefore, her destiny is much more complex and difficult than any other. She will be betrayed, hurt and destroyed in a way that will move you. You will be with her every step of the way and, while doing so, you will realize that maybe, just maybe, there is some hope. 
I highly recommend this novel to any paranormal romance lover that loves some classical themes with unique twists.

Author Bio:

Jessica started writing when she was 10 years old. She started out writing poetry which has been published in several Poetry Society books as well as on the Internet. She won the Publisher’s Choice Award for her poem A Lost Soul. She has always had an addiction to reading which is what lead her to become an author. Her debut book is Corruption of the Heart.

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