Blog Tour & Review- Grinding My Gears by C.M Moore

Blog Tour & Review – Grinding My Gears by C.M Moore

C.M.Moore dystopian romance.
Title: Grinding My Gears
Subtitle: An (Off the Rails) Ice Era Chronicle 1:30 AM
Author: C.M.Moore

Facing the end of his life, Adam, aka Gears, searches for answers. Even though he’s a brilliant scientist and doctor, he’s forced to admit that he will die, probably sooner than later. After choosing to leave his water base, Gears has a chance meeting with a rival gang member who throws his quickly shortening life off course. A road trip with this mysterious woman, takes him beyond what he thinks he knows and makes him question his ideas of right and wrong. Love is the most unscientific thing he has ever faced but worth the discovery.
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About the Author

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C.M. Moore is a retired solider, and a romantic at heart. After being blown up in Afghanistan and receiving a purple heart; he began writing. Connor’s first book 1:05 am is a mixture of love, sex, and action. Today if you are looking for Connor, you can find him volunteering with veteran organizations, and harassing his military buddies. You can also find him attempting to “hunt” in the woods and ponds of Minnesota. In the event you find him in the woods, don’t be scared, he can’t hit anything.
If you want to contact him message him at …OR…


1.05 AM (Ice Age Chronicles: Book 1)
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Sera’s 3.5 Star Review

Grinding My Gears by C.M. Moore

Reviewed on behalf of 3 Degrees of Fiction Blog·by Sera Taíno

This book is a standalone offering from The Ice Era Chronicles. Though it is not necessary to have read the previous novel, I suspect it helps with understanding the world-building in this novel.

I have a soft spot for science fiction novels that have strong romantic elements and this book delivers on that particular preference. There is a lot of genuine feeling and realistic consequences for the decisions of the characters, especially Gears. The sex was hot, even if it took place under the most unrealistic circumstances. The underlying concept of the novel is unique and fundamental to the plot of the story. I found myself fascinated by this connection and was hoping that the novel would give more time to exploring the different aspects of this connection, especially as Luna’s abilities are not restricted to healing only Gears.

Despite the clever plot device and the concept, however, the story suffers from basic defects in plotting and variable pacing. During fight scenes or scenes involving bleeding individuals, the writing slowed down the action, cutting the tension it was attempting to build. This story had the potential to go beyond being just good to being great but not enough attention was paid to making characters consistent, including their motivations.

I wish this was particularly the case with Luna’s character development. Gears was an excellent, internally consistent character but Luna came across, at times, as an ingenue, while at other times as a savvy healer and leader, and still other times as a kind of free love spiritualist with an almost mystic understanding of the universe. Her inconsistency of character resulted in my seeing her as nothing more than a someone who looks very good in tight sweaters and is willing to have sex under nearly any circumstance. It also weakens the force of Gears obvious love for her (why does he love her exactly?) beyond the connection at the heart of the story.

One person I could not get enough of was Chen Ning. As a secondary character, he initially annoyed me as much as he annoys Gears. However, what comes across as intellectual vomit is actually a character who is unable to be dishonest. His encounter with the Spider is probably one of the highlights of the book. I will also be looking for the first book in this series, 1:05 AM because I am interested in the relationship between Mac and Karma. It was clear from reading about these two characters that their backstory would be worth the investment.

Though the novel suffers from some inconsistencies in plotting and characterization, it is full of potential, predicated on a strong premise and populated by several interesting characters.

I give Grinding My Gears 3.5 Stars.


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