BLOG TOUR WITH REVIEW – Wheeler by Sara Butler Zalesky 

Sara Butler Zalesky
Publication date: July 4th 2016
Genres: Adult, Romance, Sports, Suspense

Known as the Ice Queen of the peloton, pro cyclist Loren Mackenzie rarely shows emotion in the heat of competition; she leads her team with quiet strength and determination. But her successes have not come without suffering, and her tragic past is hidden inside tarnished armor.

While out on a training ride with her cycling team near Enfield, England, a chance meeting quickly develops into an unexpected whirlwind romance. But a relationship with an A-list celebrity brings with it the microscope of tabloid-media attention, which expose jealousy and rivalry that threaten to undermine Loren’s leadership of her team.

The new romance also reveals a dangerous obsession, culminating in a terrifying confrontation with someone from Loren’s past. Her injuries not only put her chances at the World Championship in jeopardy but also bring forth memories of a life she had long buried – for good reason.

Can Loren open her heart to the love she has held at a distance, or will her fear ultimately defeat her?

The follow up novel in the Wheeler series is coming soon.

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🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 review by Sam .

 I decided to read this book as a change from my usual genre choices, while still having a romantic angle. Zaleskys writing style is immersive and the structure of the novel is well thought out and beneficial to the story. As someone who has never been a fan of watching events such as the Tour de France I was a little concerned as to whether it would interest me, however I found myself unable to put the book down. The explanations and descriptions of the cycling, training and strategy used were easy to follow and Zalesky portrays the cyclists in a way which makes you appreciate the hard work they put into their profession. 

The characters in the novel, especially the main character Loren Mackenzie, are well developed and the evolution of the secondary characters combined with Lorens flourishing relationship with actor Graham Atherton make for a compelling read. I thoroughly enjoyed this novel and would read future books by this author.

Author Bio:

Sara was born in the wee hours of a November night in New York City. When her family moved to a small borough in northwestern New Jersey, she had little choice but to move as well. Self-sufficiency is a tough thing for a toddler.

The dichotomy of being the middle child of three, but the only girl, was difficult, as typically no one really pays attention to a middle child. Mostly, Sara spent her time creating fanciful stories in her head when she should have been focused on other things, an issue that continues to this day.

Most of these stories have never been shared, let alone completed. This all changed in the spring of 2015, when Sara was encouraged by a friend to expand upon a short story she had accidentally emailed to him. The result is ‘Wheeler’, a romantic, women’s fiction/sport novel, which combines the author’s romantic inclinations and her passion for cycling.

Sara currently resides in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA, with her loving husband and their son. She is a paralegal for a boutique law firm in Chester County, Pa, an avid road cyclist and indoor cycling instructor at a national chain.

Follow the author’s blog at or on Twitter @sarazalesky. She does a little dance every time someone ‘follows’ her on Twitter. Really.

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RELEASE BLITZ WITH REVIEW – True Abandon by Jeannine Colette

True Abandon, an all new Second Chance Romance from Jeannine Colette is Available Now!

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Trish Hogan’s life was destroyed when she gave her trust to her high school boyfriend, Jackson, and he ripped it away, changing the course of her life.

A decade later she’s living in Manhattan — she has a roommate, a steady boyfriend and a career. When a hurricane puts the city on lock down, Trish gets a message she never thought she’d receive: Jackson is dying and alone.

In a city of millions, she is the only person who can sit by his side.   

Jackson Davis was once the golden child of a senator who went against his father’s plans and became a musician. Tatted up and broken, he wakes up in a hospital only to see Trish — the one person he needs to atone his sins to — standing before him. He will recover from his injuries, but not from the pain he caused in the past.

Trapped by the storm, they embark on a night of reckoning that has one running away to Hawaii and the other following in her steps. As the victim becomes the villain, the two are forced to face the past, live in the present and find a way to navigate into the future.

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🌟🌟🌟🌟 REVIEW by Steph

ATrue Adandon is a novel of second chances not only at love but also at life. I must admit that I am not a fan of second chance novels because, honestly, I cry my heart out and curse when the characters go their own way. It is too painful for me to read and process. Nevertheless, there are times when a book appears in front of me that promise a plot that is so worth the initial pain. This one is it. The plot was the biggest emotional ride I have had in quite a while and I enjoyed every second of it.

This novel tells the story of two high school sweethearts that made poor life choices. I think that that aspect of the novel made the characters feel more real and easy to relate to. Every girl has had a love so deep that made stupid mistakes because of love. Our heroine, Trish, pays hers when her reputation is crushed as an intimate moment between her bf Jax is broadcasted on social media. Jax, on the other hand, must face all the family expectations a senator’s child has. Honestly, I know what it is to carry the world on your shoulder and feel as if you need to work twice as the heart and go where through the path that is expected out of you. I am glad, at some point, that Jax decided to be himself instead of being everything his father wanted him to be. For better or worse, he became himself and, I believe, that is what got him a second chance at life and love. 

Trish was such a wonderful character. I swear my heart broke along with hers at the start of the book. All the pain she suffered when her trust was broken was so vivid and, honestly, I was sobbing and shouting at the people that almost turned her into a ghost of herself. I was well pleased when I got to see her character mature and develop as she truly let go of the past. I could actually see her soul heal along with the one of Jax and the way it was expressed, well, it made me believe that second chances could actually exist in real life.

I highly recommend this novel to any contemporary romance novel lover who adores tear-jerking stories that will crush your heart and piece back together.

Check out Jeannine Colette’s other novels!

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About Jeannine

Jeannine Colette is the author of the ABANDON COLLECTION – A series of
stand-alone novels featuring dynamic heroines who have to abandon their reality
in order to discover themselves . . . and love along the way.

A graduate of Wagner
College and the New York Film Academy, Jeannine went on to become a Segment
Producer for television shows on CBS and NBC. She is now a full-time author who
spends her days at Starbucks, writing and listening to way too much Snow
Patrol. She lives in New York with her husband, the three tiny people she
adores more than life itself, and a rescue pup named Wrigley.

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REVIEW BLITZ – Bailey and the Bad Boy by R.Linda

Title: Bailey And The Bad Boy

Author: R. Linda

Genre: YA Contemorary Romance

Editor: Laura Kemmerer

Publisher: Limitless Publishing

Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR


It’s the last day of school, and everyone is excited for the big summer leading up to our senior year. I was too…until my heart was ripped out of my chest.

As if getting dumped wasn’t bad enough, I’m forced to endure the humiliation of witnessing my ex-boyfriend flaunt his new girl—who also happens to be my now ex-best friend—all over town. Double whammy.

Now I’m the pathetic ex-girlfriend left gutted, heartbroken, and nose deep in a bucket of ice cream. I’m doomed to spend the summer sulking over a guy who thought I was predictable and bad in bed.

So, when I get an offer guaranteeing me some well-deserved payback, of course I’m going to take it. Besides, the plan is simple. Pretend like I’m dating Ryder, the town’s popular bad boy, and make my ex wallow in a pit of jealousy and regret. It’s perfect.

I mean…what could possibly go wrong?

🌟🌟🌟🌟 from Sharon 

This story reminded me why I am glad I am not in high school any longer. The author portrays the angst of teenagers and how they live in their own little bubble really well.
This story had so much going on. It started out with Bailey being humiliated in front of the school by her now ex boyfriend Chace. Then to make matters worse, her best friend Christina does the unthinkable and stabs her in the back.
Whilst all this was going on, Ryder – the bad boy of the school – keeps tempting her that he will help in getting her her own revenge.
But nothing is exactly what it seems. Just when you think you know how the story is going to unfold, the author throws in a massive twist, and off the storyline goes in a totally different direction.
What I liked most about this story is Bailey’s growth. It didn’t take long for all the things she thought were relevant in her life when she was part of the cool group at school, once she removed herself from that crowd, she soon understood what really mattered to her.
This is a great story and I look forward to reading more from this author

R. Linda drinks wine and writes books.

A coffee addicted, tattoo enthusiastic fangirl with a slight obsession for a particular British boy band and solo artist, she is a writer of Contemporary YA/NA Romance and Suspense, sometimes dabbling in Paranormal as well.

Renee lives in Melbourne, Australia with her husband and two sons. When not writing she can often be found reading books to her children and cuddling up with them on the couch to watch their favourite movies.

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RELEASE BLITZ WITH REVIEW – Flicker by Courtney Houston 



Release Blitz: Flicker

by Courtney Houston

Genre: YA Paranormal Romance

Series: Defying Death, Book One

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Cover Design: Marisa at Cover me Darling

Available Now!


My name is Catalina Franklin. And I should be dead.

When Death called my number, sending one of her Guides to take my soul, she didn’t count on one thing.

The Guide she sent – He was made for me, and I for him. Pulling me back from the arms of Death, Telor changed my fate – and his.

Now we’re left with the question of not only how he’s still here, but why.

Will we get the answers we need? Or will Death find us first?

Only time will tell … but ours is quickly running out.

🌟🌟🌟🌟 REVIEW by Kassa  

Flicker was a book I didn’t expect. Well, I was waiting for it, because I signed up to review it, but I wasn’t expecting THAT! This book had it all… Angst, romance, Feelings, a pinch of paranormal and friendship. And unexpected twists and turns. And I loved every single minute of it. 
The characters were well developed, the world building was excellent and I CANNOT wait for the next book!
I have to admit, in the beginning I was wary. It started really slow with a scene I didn’t fully understand, but wrapped up quite nicely. I fell in love with Telor and Lina right along the story and I loved the side characters as well. They were real and honest and sometimes even a-holes, because of hurt pride, but like I said. Real. And yet, not real, because it was paranormal. 
And it was such a good paranormal story, unlike everything I have ever read and heard. I love the idea and want to tell so much more, but that’s not possible without spoilers, so I just tell you to read this book. It’s awesome and definitely worth a look. 
And don’t get me started with the cover. It suits the story perfectly

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BLOG TOUR WITH REVIEWS – Written In Flames by Ashleigh GiGiannoccaro & Eva Logan

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WRITTEN IN FLAMES, a Romantic Suspense by Eva Logan & Ashleigh Giannoccaro is LIVE!



Now I lay me down to sleep

I dream of flames that are soul deep

But if they should come

Before the night is done

I pray the lord my heart to save

If the fire my flesh should crave.

Nolan Leith: pyromaniac, recluse, and predator perched above the world.

Delilah Carmine: heir to a failing business, ballerina, and obsessive compulsive.

The pull of the fire was never something he could ignore. Even now, he barely controls the need to set the entire world alight. His one lover is a flaming seductress that taunts him with her beauty and danger. He couldn’t resist if he tried. Will they all get burned, or will they rise from their ashes?

Delilah brings with her an intruder to his sacred zone. Curiosity has her trespassing upstairs. Her nocturnal neighbor fascinates her, the brooding tenant above her has her enthralled and captivated. She needs to be the one to extinguish his burning needs, but will he have tolerance for her compulsive habits or will he see Red?

Passion is a wildfire which devours everything in its path.

Broken people shouldn’t play with matches.


 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 REVIEW by Lea

Oh my goodness! This book is just too beautiful. It’s tragic in a wondrous sort of way. I really can’t describe well enough the genius of this book, the way it touched me. 
I’m a big fan of love stories involving broken souls and this is just that, but with so much more.
Ash and Eva have created some wonderfully complex characters that really get under your skin and draw you in to their story. Not only are the hero and heroine a joy to meet but so are the villains of the piece.
I can honestly say I was swept away and my heart was, quite surprisingly, beaming by the time I had finished this book.
I hope there will be many books to come from these two authors.
🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 REVIEW by Jodie 
What can I say really. This author has always held a special part of my heart and this book is no exception to that. The added bonus being that another author has been thrown into the mix that I will now have to go and stalk (sorry not sorry)

It is beautifully written while being detailed in its content and just has you over a barrel until you have finished the very last word. It’s words are enthralling and just simply won’t let you go until you reach the end but even then you want more and more and more. 

Ashleigh and Eva have a superb talent of being able to make the book come alive.. you see the words jump off the page and swing into action you watch as the story unfolds. I even dreamed about this book! 

This book has all the feels going on and that one things I love about Ashleigh’s writing. She had the ability to make you feel everything that is going on in those pages. It makes reading come alive! Both authors have done an amazing job in this co written book. 

This book flows beautifully from the very first to the very last and I would change a single bit of it. Thanks for yet another amazing journey




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BLOG TOUR WITH REVIEW – Chosen by RS Broadhead

R.S. Broadhead
(The Urban Legends Series)
Publication date: October 24th 2017
Genres: New Adult, Supernatural, Thriller

Black eyes. No emotion. No sympathy. Only emptiness.

Piper McAdams’s life was normal. Career? Check. Boyfriend? Check. Friends? Check. One unsettling run in with a homeless man turns everything from normal to terrifying. She begins seeing…things.

Things she can’t seem to explain or make any sense.

As if things aren’t already getting out of hand, Piper receives news that the only family member she has is dead. She thinks maybe a trip across the country to her hometown will get her away from all the strange events happening.

After a late night accident, Piper isn’t in her hometown burying her loved one. She’s in a town called Hell. All she wants to do is leave, but the people seem to be holding her there for some reason.

A reason she feels threatens her life. Around every corner things become darker and scarier.

Can she escape what is coming for her?

Goodreads / Amazon

  🌟🌟🌟🌟 REVIEW by Leanne

Well well well.
This is a book full of creepy scares! 
I mean, just look at that cover…speaks for itself really.
I must admit, I was led down a different path than I thought I was going to be taking but I’m not at all dissatisfied with the place I ended up. 

It’s a wondrous collaboration of horror, mystery and suspense. Not enough to keep me awake at night but just the right of spook to make me be wary of the shadows!

My heart broke a little bit and although I wasn’t expecting an all singing, all dancing ending I was not expecting that! 

Author Bio:

R. S. Broadhead lives in Jackson, Alabama with her husband of ten years, their two little girls, and a pug named Wednesday Love the Duchess, or Winnie for short. She has a bachelor’s in psychology and a master’s in business administration. She loves to snowboard, travel (Australia is her favorite place so far), and dance (not professionally, just whenever she feels like it). When she was sixteen-years-old, her and her friends would take pictures and make up funny stories about them. Fourteen years later, UNVEILED was born. UNVEILED, her first novel, is the first book in a four book series.

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