Meet the Team



Jade – Owner


I’m Jade, 23 years old, with 1 child and a partner of 6 years! I started reading about 6 years ago and haven’t stopped since. My favourite genre’s are: romance, paranormal, mystery, thriller, and suspense to name a few. Some of my favourite authors are: J.R Ward, E.L James, Rachel Caine, L.A Cotton, Tracie Podger, Rebecca Sherwin, Jay McLean, T.M Frazier and Rachel Van Dyken to make a few. When I’m not reading, you will find me blogging, spending time with the family, watching some awesome TV shows (The Walking Dead, Fear TWD, Game Of Thrones, Orphan Black, Gotham etc) or cleaning. Though I do hate the last one!

I am a qualified nail technician and also have a qualification in Retail.

When I’m out and about I like to take my kindle in case there is that slight chance that I will have 5 minutes to read! While I love my Kindle, I will always love paperbacks more. I have 2 book cases which are nearly full.

Random fact about me: I love converse. It’s literally all I wear!!


Leanne – Owner

I REALLY hate talking about myself, so you’ll have to bare with me while I bore you with non-interesting facts!

I’m a thirty five year old mum to 2 from Lincolnshire in the UK. During the day I am a trainee pharmacy dispenser and at night I blog, read, do a bit of pa work, eat chocolate and drink coffee.

I’ve been reading forever. My favourite book as a child was The Enormous Turnip…my tastes have moved on a little since then and I read pretty much anything now.

There are a few things about me most people would find random…I’m a fan of Lego mini figures and I’ve got a small collection of Lego key rings. I am an unconventional tight wearer, a skinny jeans lover and when I have my nails done, I love to challenge the technician!

Jodie – Owner


My name is Jodie. I’m a reviewer here at 2 girls who love books. I’m also a blogger on Queens Of The Darkside, sister site to 2 Girls Who Love books. Im 29 have 4 children and lots of pets LOL. I have been with my partner since I was 14 years old. I’m very straight so shouldn’t really be asked for an opinion unless you want an honest one. My favorite books are dark dark and darker. Saying this I will read pretty much anything. When I’m not reading I’m either baking, cleaning glass or sitting at some children’s club saying that I usually take my kindle along with me just incase I can slip in some reading time. I have a degree in PC engineering and am currently studying towards a law degree (which I am currently on a break from). I am a bag hoarder yes I love my bags as long as they have the matching purse with them hehe. Random fact about me…I am in a film that will be aired on channel 4 once it’s finished 😀